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Rebecca Cook

                              W: 01444 892719

                              M: 07912 603097


"The food was delicious and all beautifully presented and served by you and your team. We just need another excuse for a party so we can use you again!" Lisa & Tom

About the Garden Chef...

Rebecca Cook has been cooking for 20 years... After taking 'A' levels she went to work running a local Sussex deli which also had a catering business. One week when the deli was quiet but a colleugue was rushed off her feet with the catering side Becky wandered into the kitchen and said, 'show me how to do that, and I'll help you'.


Since then Becky has never looked back and loves what she does. Gaining 20 years catering experience of a wide range of

events and learning all aspects of cooking Becky not only worked full time in this world but also worked in restaurants at night to learn more!


This time proved invaluable for Becky to develop 'a loathing for anything highly processed and mass produced', and a love of the fresh, seasonal, local, quirky and 'made-with-love' food.


Becky loves a challenge and strives to give her clients the food and event that they really want rather than tell them what they can have. Very few problems are insurmountable.


Working from her farm based kitchen Becky is very well located to make the best of fresh local ingredients, be it from neighbouring farms, friends' gardens, local markets or suppliers.


Becky is proud to have a grade 5 food standards rating from the West Sussex Council and welcomes visits to the kitchen to discuss your event be it large or small at anytime.